Trade Conditions

Sale Conditions
1.Offer presented on the web and printed materials do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law. The Company reserves the right to self-modification and improvement of the presented products. Therefore, despite the efforts photographs and other information presented on the website and printed materials may differ from the final product.
2. Orders must be submitted on the orderform, forms are available here and from distributors.    Order shall be deemed complete upon deposit distributor.    (Amount of the deposit shall be determined individually with the distributor.)
3. Kutzmann company uses external logistics companies*,  Transportation and delivery are determined individually with distributors. Maximum time for the production and delivery of 1 piece in Europe is about 7 weeks. For customers in Australia, Asia, North America and South America. is about 3 months.**
4. During a long transport, the vibrations cause the loosening of connections, so after long shipping all connections point in case of safety should be checked and fixed if needed. Do it before first trip!

5. Purchase of the carriage is at the same time agreeing to sale conditions and terms and conditions and warranty from Kutzmann.    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
* The long complex process of delivery, may run into unforeseen problems such as bad weather conditions, lock, accidents, for which neither the Kutzmann company nor the logistics company have no effect. In such cases, there may be delays too. ** The above termins are usually much shorter, but the guaranteed delivery time can sometimes reach these maximum limits. Binding date will be granted only by the manufacturer.The above termins are from Kutzmann to Main distributor, not to final customer.

Guarnatee Terms:
1.The KUTZMANN s.c. company gives a 2 years guarantee to the original purchaser. This is not transferable.
2.KUTZMANN ensure that all materials and workmanship are of the highest quality and it is a condition of use that the
product will only be used for the purpose for which it was designed for. Product must be used in accordance with the
guidelines of the guarantee, technical description and user"s manual.
3.During the period of the guarantee any fault or defect in materials will be repaired free of charge through the
selling agent. Any parts that require replacing will be replaced as per the original
4.The ‘Agent’ will ensure that the carriage is in full working order and ready for the purpose for which it was
5.It is a binding rule that the purchaser is solely responsible to maintain the carriage as laid out in the `user"s
manual and safety guidelines’.
6.The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, wear and tear, or defects that occur through improper use and
7.The guarantee does not cover tyres (pneumatic or hard), bearings, lights, brake pads, shoes and components used on
vehicule that are builded by other factories.
8.Neither maintenance nor wear and tear is covered by this guarantee.
9.This guarantee is voided by: the end of the guarantee period; any repairs carried out by or on behalf of the
purchaser; any changes in the construction of the carriage; the failure to comply with the ‘user"s manual and guaranty
10.In the event of a fault or defect covered by this guarantee the manufacturer will only replace like for like. The
carriage will not be replaced ‘old for new’ under any circumstances.
11.The guarantee is only valid if it carries the Manufacturers or selling agents stamp and date of purchase.
12.It is the responsibility of the purchaser/owner of the carriage to return it to the selling agent for any repairs.
It is the purchaser/owners responsibility to collect the carriage when work has been completed. In case of guarantee
repair the customer has to bring the carriage or part of it to the selling agent or Kutzmann company. The agent or
KUTZMANN will not cover any transport cost.
13. Agent - selling point is responsible for serwis and all guarantee works.
14 At selling point will be accessible special form demanded to submit damage or fault.
15.To consider your guarantee repair it is necessity to send your guarantee sheet togheter with special application
form and with receipt.
16. In case of repair that has to be done by customer. Customer is obliged to recive the permition from producer,
after he will present a passible cost of this repair. Any repairs done without written permition from producer will not be considered.
17.All comunication must be done in English or Polish.
In the case of interpretation, the binding is a Polish language version of the above conditions.